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Quit Smoking Module

New Body and Mind has created a Quit Smoking Module that can be included in your personalised weight loss , detox or rejuvenation programs. You will not only lose weight and detoxify your body, but also rid yourself of a bad habit that not only affects the quality of your health, but could possibly shorten your life span.

Sometimes a basic detox and cleanse is not enough to get the desired results. The module we are offering is for a minimum of 6 days and can be extended depending on the severity of your addiction.

It consists of a unique Asiatic Naturopathic mixture of several different herbs that are brewed and drank as a powerful tea.

The tea flushes the body quickly and efficiently of nicotine and environmental toxins such as smog , exhaust fumes, etc… effectively clearing the lungs. To help you quit the addiction, your body needs to be detoxified from the addictive substance to stop the physical attraction. The tea was tested by the Asiatic minister of health and endorsed as an effective natural product against smoking. Our Quit Smoking Tea liberates you from the feeling of wanting to smoke!

Side Symptoms!

Some people could suffer from the cleansing effects, experiencing muscular pain, headaches and sickness similar to an influenza. It is very important not to continue to smoke during the program if  these side effects increase.

The price for the program is 5000 THB

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We offer not only the "holiday of a lifetime" and an escape from the stress of modern life, but a program for living that will enable you to regain and maintain quality, happiness and control of your everyday life.

For optimal success we recommend a minimum program length of 7-10 days as it takes this amount of time to cleanse your body and for your mind to register your new, healthy habits.

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