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Our completely natural weight-loss program has proven through the experience of our thousands of clients to be one of the most effective weight-loss programs currently available.

Most importantly our program focuses on permanent weight-loss, through our unique approach which treats not only your body but encourages each individual to address the issues causing the problem of excess weight in the first place. Sometimes this may be as simple as education, motivation and life-coaching to assist in some life organisation strategies and in other instances, working through deep-seated problems with one of our trained counselors.

The individual components of our program combined together, work to encourage significant weight loss. Much of this weight loss comes from impacted fecal matter lining the walls of the colon and contained within the pockets of the bowel. Utilizing a combination of natural detox products in conjunction with massage, Thai herbal steams, colonic irrigation, daily workshops and supervised exercise programs, our clients achieve rapid and substantial weight loss.

New Body and Mind program provides a full medical and lifestyle assessment on arrival, as well as recording weight, body measurements and calculating B.M.I.(Body Mass Index). At the end of the program your Final Report will detail your progress and set new realistic targets for you to help you to maintain momentum once you leave the program.

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The average individual Weight Loss at New Body and Mind is 0.8 to 1.3 kilos per day, or starting from 5 kilos per week. Our clients between them have lost a staggering 1.5 metric tons since we started the Program.

If you are looking for a great kick-start to lasting Weight Loss, then this is the program for you.

In many cases our weight-loss clients have a significant amount of weight to lose and often return to us, following the initial program, in their quest to further boost their Weight Loss.

The Ultimate Detox and Weight Loss Program, coupled with the physical, mental and spiritual work will prepare you for your return to the "real" world, and ensure that you are on track to make the lasting changes that will guarantee long-term success.

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Terms and Conditions

1. A 50% deposit payment is required in order to confirm your booking.
For Intensive care programs, a full advance payment is required.

2. There is a NO REFUND POLICY on deposit payments for bookings.
cancellations within 45 days (6 weeks) of commencement of the program.

3. For cancellations more than 6 weeks in advance of the start of the
program, there will be a 30% cancellation fee applied.

4. All outstanding payments need to be settled on the day of arrival and before
starting the course with no exceptions. In case you wish to change the duration of your program on arrival, you will be asked to pay the full balance, as the program has been booked in. If you decide to change your program before arrival, a cancellation/change of program fee will be applied.

5. There is a NO REFUND POLICY on payments made in full in the case
of you wanting to change your program and/or shorten you stay.

6. Payments can be made in cash (GBP, USD and THB only), with credit cards
(Visa or Mastercard only) or by (international) bank transfer.

7. An administration fee of 3% is charged for the use of credit cards.

8. With effect from January 2005 we are required by Thai Law to add 7% V.A.T.
and 3 % Service Charge to the cost of all Programs. This is INCLUDED
in the cost of your Program.

9. You are required to inform us of any medical problems and/or
medication that you are currently taking, prior to booking your

If you are unsure about your length of stay we recommend that you book only one
week instead of two or three weeks and extend your stay (subject to
availability) after your first week.

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Program Prices

All prices are on application, please contact us at or send an inquiry to get the most up-to-date rates for your program.

Programs Include:

7 Days(6 days fast, 1 day rejuvenation)

10 Days (1 day prefast, 7 days fasting, 2 days rejuvenation)

14 Days (2 days prefast, 10 days fasting, 2 days rejuvenation)

21 days (3 days prefast, 14 days fasting, 4 days rejuvenation)

28 days (7 days prefast, 14 days fasting, 7 days rejuvenation)

While we work hard to keep our prices down we will not engage in a discount war or price race to the bottom.

Saving a few Baht at the expense of quality , quantity and experience is just not worth it.

You may only have 1 chance in your life to indulge in your chosen program and we are committed to creating the most rejuvenating and life changing body cleanse available.

We can offer discounts on some programs depending on your circumstances, so please contact our reservation staff for definite pricing.

Ultimate Detox & Weight Loss

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Intensive Care

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Wherever you choose to stay, the dedication and attention of our highly trained and experienced team remains and we are committed to guiding, nurturing and inspiring you on every step of your journey !

We offer not only the "holiday of a lifetime" and an escape from the stress of modern life, but a program for living that will enable you to regain and maintain quality, happiness and control of your everyday life.

For optimal success we recommend a minimum program length of 7-10 days as it takes this amount of time to cleanse your body and for your mind to register your new, healthy habits.

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